Darling Stay with me
Oh wow okay… um…
1. I’m shy and awkward until i get comfortable with you then i get perverted.
2. I have Very vivid dreams which is both a blessing and a curse
3. I’m a fucking nerd.
4. Teen Wolf is currently my life.
5. I won 2 poetry contests. once in 5th grade which got published in a book. and once an online competition.
6. I Love video games
7. I Love Comic books (See nerd above)
8. I Don’t have a lot of IRL friends so i pratically live on the internet
9. I Love drawing but i absolutely fucking suck 
10. I may not look pretty but my personality fucking rocks.
Totally just realized i gave 10 facts…. Whoops

People i tag: Cristabellb, Bailey (stoptorturingisaaclahey), Propergenius, 
emmaalli21,scappa-con-me, just-jenner, doctor-simon-tam, luna-nascosta, 
sparklesdani, haleboundride.
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